Correspondent Program

Join Our Team: Become a Correspondent for SpeakFreely Magazine!

Are you eager to write about your country and liberty? Do you believe in the principles of liberty, free markets, and individual rights? Are you passionate about writing that champions personal freedom and limited government? If so, we want you to join our correspondent team at SpeakFreely Magazine!

Why Become a Correspondent for SpeakFreely Magazine?

At SpeakFreely Magazine, we are dedicated to promoting classical liberal values through thoughtful, insightful journalism. We want to cover important developments in Europe and beyond through a libertarian lens. We aim to build a network of writers who will give us insight into elections and the developments on the classical liberal portion of the political scenes, who will provide us with an intricate understanding of threats to liberty that develop in their countries, and who will write for us about ongoing crisis or momentous events while showing succinct scepticism towards the state in their pieces.

As a correspondent, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Promote Liberty: Write articles that highlight issues related to individual rights, economic freedom, and limited government in your country.
  • Engage in Thoughtful Debate: Contribute to meaningful conversations on policy, philosophy, and the future of liberty.
  • Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Brand: Share your ideas with a growing audience of like-minded individuals and thinkers.
  • Grow Your Skills: Hone your writing and analytical abilities while working with experienced editors and fellow libertarians. We will help you develop your writing craft.

How to Apply:

Fill out your application through this form:

While previous journalism and writing experience is appreciated, it is not a requirement. What matters most is your dedication to the cause of liberty and your precise knowledge of your local political scene.

Join the magazine, where liberty finds its voice, and tell stories that matter about your region. Become a correspondent for SpeakFreely Magazine today! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.