This past week has brought with it some pretty interesting stories and developments, which you may have missed if you were too busy enjoying either the football or the great weather (most likely both).

Fortunately, the Speak Freely team has been your eyes and ears, and you can catch up on the biggest developments right here!

In the UK, steps finally seem to be getting made towards the liberalisation of cannabis. Following the call upon parliament from Lord Hague to consider legalisation, Chris Snowdon of the Institute of Economics affairs has discussed the potentially huge benefits of a legal cannabis market for Britain. You can read the whole report here. 

Meanwhile, Ryan Khurana has been pondering our privacy, and whether it truly is as relevant as we hold it to be. Should we alter our conceptualisation of privacy to fit the modern world? Will this alteration be thrust upon us by new technologies anyway? You can find out Ryan’s answers here.

In politics, the cavalier spending of the EU has been called out by Bill Wirtz, who has been discussing the organisation’s reluctance to listen to the advice of its auditors. Despite spending plans being called ‘unlikely’, the EU seems hell-bent on funding ambitious, expensive projects. Read Bill’s critique here. 

For those looking to catch up on culture, make sure not to miss the latest episode of The Innocents Abroad podcast. Here, Yaël Ossowski and crew have been discussing the beat generation of writers, and how this age of literature compares with the cultural reality of today. Give it a listen here!

Finally, be sure to catch Vera Kichanova‘s take on freedom in Russia. Hosted by the Juan de Mariana Institute, Vera discusses the Putin regime and the growth and impact of the libertarian movement. Watch the full lecture here!

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