A Free Market Approach to Environmentalism – British Conservation Alliance

by Evangelos Andreou

Yesterday, the launch of the British Conservation Alliance (BCA) was announced, a fresh student-run organisation founded on free-market, pro-enterprise principles towards environmental conservation. Their mission is to change the narrative on environmental discussions in Britain, by actively empowering a new generation of leaders to promote free-enterprise and market-based solutions to protecting Britain’s beautiful environment, as well as tackling climate change.

The BCA is a new organisation, but already has Amber Rudd MP on its board of advisors, in addition to 5 partner organisations, 7 policy researchers and a rapidly growing network of 13 campus coordinators bursting with new ideas and impassioned to improve our environment. Their leadership team consists primarily of young conservatives, libertarians, and classical liberals – all ready to change the narrative.

For more information about the BCA and its work, you can visit  their website or follow them on social media, on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #BCALaunch.


Here is their Press Release:

17th September 2019

A New Approach to Environmentalism 

This morning, the British Conservation Alliance (BCA) launched as a non-profit organisation, minting its own market-based brand of combating climate change and environmental issues. 

The BCA’s founder and President, Christopher Barnard, was inspired to take action and launch the non-partisan group after collaborating with liberal-minded millennials, who together saw a glaring gap in the political market when it came to pro-market, sensible environmentalism. 

“The BCA firmly believes that economic and environmental success are not mutually exclusive – in fact, it is possible to harness both the power of the free market and the beauty of our environment to the benefit of everyone,” commented Barnard. 

With climate change being the most important challenge of our time, the BCA strives to change the narrative on environmental discussions in Britain, by actively empowering the new generation of conservatives, libertarians, and classical liberals to promote pro- enterprise and market-based solutions. These are ideas which have been typically on the margins of the ongoing climate debate; the cornerstone of the BCA’s mission is to change that. 

“Everyone at BCA is profoundly passionate about the environment, and we seek nothing more than honest, transparent, and cross-partisan discussions on how to help save our planet,” said COO Maziar Shakibaii. One of the ways in which BCA is set to achieve this is by launching a university network of affiliated societies, to empower and facilitate much- needed campus activism. 

Further information about the BCA can be found on its website [www.bca.eco], on Twitter [@BCA_eco], or on Facebook [@BritishConservation

The British Conservation Alliance is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded on market-based, pro-enterprise principles towards environmental conservation. Its board of advisors includes the likes of Amber Rudd, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and Ryan Shorthouse, the Chief Executive for Bright Blue. The BCA’s core mission is to empower a new generation of conservative and libertarian-minded individuals to inject market-based environmentalist solutions into the political arena.

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