Is Canada a Nation?

by Leam Dunn

Is Canada a nation?

Many would scoff at the remark and blindly say, “of course, Canada is a nation; it’s on a map; we have a military, a government, a constitution!”

We may walk, talk, and act like a nation, but our founding principles have been rotting for decades, and now our fundamental and charter-held rights are being challenged, and no one seems to care. I am saying that Canada is going down the path to serfdom, and if we continue to let our rulers run amok, there won’t be much of a nation left to hold, and I hold three groups the most accountable.

First, we can look at the media apparatus that has relentlessly been the attack dog for big government. From the CBC to CTV, City, and Global, all media within Canada receive funding from the federal government, a tool used by the state to make sure that nothing critical comes out about them, and that a wave of hit pieces and slander are published about all their opponents—spitting in the face of Canada’s “good government” motto. 

The monopoly on media has always been an issue within Canada; with the government, Bell, Rogers, and Corus owning nearly all the entertainment and news being broadcast within our borders. This could be seen last winter when Canadian truckers went to the capital and protested the oppressive and dictatorial government overreach through border vaccine requirements, the same that had just been dropped under pressure from Pierre Poilievre. The government branded these protesters as terrorists and troublemakers, and whatever talking point was made on Parliament Hill was closely echoed by Canada’s “free press.” When Justin Trudeau said there were confederate flags, the media printed it on the front page, regardless of further context or the reality of the situation. When Trudeau labelled the truckers as racists and sexists, despite the truckers being racially and sexually diverse, the media followed along like the lapdogs they are.

Secondly, the cowardly politicians who only seem to care about gaining votes have been sitting in the halls of power for too long, and there needs to be a national broom to sweep them out. The halls of the House of Commons have been lined by career politicians and corrupt individuals for far too long, and it is evident that they no longer hold the support of most Canadians. Those in power no longer hold our national motto of “peace, order, and good government” in their minds when they walk through Ottawa and only seem to care about freedom and liberty when it will help them at the ballot box; they exploit fear and division, and using the 2021 election as a case study, we can see they will do anything for a vote. This disgusting rhetoric—this turning on the values that built this nation—is over, and it is time for voters to let them know how we feel. They walk up to our doors and ask for our votes; it is time we start withholding, or voting for a third party. I was at a Canadian Taxpayers Federation event recently, and I heard the best advice on how to effect change. Kris Sims stood on stage and said, “if you want to see change, call your local politicians’ office and say if they don’t change, you will print literature and actively door-knock against them.”

Lastly, we have the police; I once respected the police and held them in high regard as civic heroes. Now, I see them as the jackboot that the government will use to enforce oppressive policies that citizens don’t want or agree with, comply or else. We have seen grandmas trampled by horses, business owners trying to pay their bills arrested, and peaceful protesters gassed and beaten off the streets. This institution that has been sworn to serve and protect has failed the public and has turned its back on their nation—but hey, they were just following orders. It is this behaviour that has turned our police into the upholders of the status quo and protectors of the Laurentians, and it is up to freedom-loving individuals to change their minds and influence the court of public opinion back into our favour.

We can complain about the politicians, media, and police all we want, but unless one thing changes, nothing will ever get better. Unless we as Canadian start to demand better from our elected class, we will forever be an underclass to them. The House of Commons is called so because they are supposed to serve the people, not the other way around: and if the will of the people is to see some change, they need to usher it in. Whether it is due to our historical political temperament, or if Canadians just don’t know where to look or how to ask for something better—in the words of Preston Manning, “Do Something!” Whether it is writing your member of parliament or provincial representatives, you need to do something! The government has been saying that huge swaths of Canadians held “unacceptable views’ and have been ruling like tyrants for well over seven years; it’s time to do something. I hope reading this has inspired some hope or action within somebody, and for those who haven’t been persuaded yet, I will leave with a quote from my favourite children’s book, The Lorax: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better; it’s not.

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